Fasting For Blood Work Can I Drink Water

There are erroneous amounts of disease in this world that are making human life difficult. Their eradication and cure are very necessary. Out of these diseases, some are contaminating our blood. As you know blood is an integral part of our body which circulates all over the body via nerves. It needs to be crystal clear and healthy so that it could function properly. It works like a driver who delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells. It also cleans cells and purifies cells from metabolic waste. Blood comprises of several components like Plasma (which amounts to 55% of blood fluid), Red blood cell, white blood cell, and Platelets. White blood cells play an important role in resisting parasites and infections.
A mentioned above, blood must be free from impurities to work effectively. Any impurity can cause various types of diseases in human beings like sugar, hyperglycemia, and cholesterol. These sorts of the disease require blood testing which needs fasting so that right values can be obtained from the blood sample.

Fasting for Blood Work Can I Drink Water

Mostly blood test requires fasting means that you may not eat or drink for up to a specified time. It does not mean you cannot drink water. You should continue to drink water as usual because less water taking can lead to electrolyte imbalances which put a very bad effect on your health. Some tests in which you can drink are as follows:

Blood Cholesterol Test

It is done to check the level of cholesterol in your blood. Doctors usually suggest this to patients suffering from prolonging high blood pressure and even medicines are not performing well to control the high blood pressure. It is also called the Lipid profile or lipid panel. Typically Blood Lipid profile report contains information regarding total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and Triglycerides. Doctors advise not to eat and drink for at least 12 hours before this test. But, drinking is not allowed means that you stop taking alcohol and beverages. However, you can drink water during this time.

Glucose Test

The glucose test is performed to identify the high level of sugar or glucose in your blood plasma. This test is very helpful in diagnosing Hyperglycemia and Diabetes in men and women. The patient has to do fasting of around 11-13 hours before this test. Make sure you don’t eat during this time period. Pulses and rice usually raise your glucose level a lot, so try to avoid a day before as well. However, you can drink water as usual because it is not going to affect your Sugar report at all.

Iron Test

Red blood cells are very important in the composition of blood. However, a disease Anemia affects it very badly and it causes iron deficiency in the blood. Avoid taking meals and other alcoholic drinks at least 12 hours before the test. You should continue to drink water as usual. Please use health drinking water, tap water is not good for your health and it causes a lot of disease in humans like Hepatitis.