Fasting For Blood Work Medication

Fasting is a religious prayer in various types of religion. Whether it is Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity, fasting exist in any form. The purpose of fasting is to clean your inside soul and get closer to God. Fasting is the name given to stop eating and drinking for a certain period of time. By this, followers pray as much as they can to get God’s blessings. Not only fasting gives you spiritual benefit, but it also rectifies some imbalance happening in your whole body. It is found to be very effective for treating high blood pressure and to control high cholesterol in human beings. Now, modern medical science gives too much importance to fasting as it is necessary for various medical treatments.

Fasting for Blood Work Medication

There are various types of medical tests that require you to be in fast for certain hours. Sometimes, you have to stay away from meals, water, alcohol, and cigarettes or from any one of these or a mix. However, it all depends on the nature of the test as there are some tests in which you can continue to take your medications. So, ask healthcare professionals about this.
As mentioned in previous lines, some medicines do affect blood test reports. But still, you can use them even if you are fasting from meals and alcohol. Oral corticosteroids usually increase the level of cholesterol in the blood, however, your healthcare advisor can allow you to continue using this. What he or she does, is he or she takes into account this factor while interpreting the blood test report. If you are going to a new doctor or healthcare advisor, you should bring your medicines so that he/she could see and suggest to you whether to continue or not while undergoing a blood test.

Medicines Are Working?

Some tests are done to check the effectiveness of medicines given to the patient. You should not stop taking these medicines even before the blood tests. However, these sorts of tests require fasting, but there is an exception to this rule. You are in fast but still taking medicines with a small sip of water.

Types of Test Requiring Fasting Prohibiting Medications

Irons Blood Test

It is also called Iron Deficiency Test. It is used to count the level of red blood cells. Deficiency of red blood cell leads to anemia. If your doctor has suggested you to take on this test, then you should not take an iron supplement before the tests. It may inflate iron in your body artificially and the report will not be presenting a real picture.

Fasting blood glucose test

This test is done to check the level of sugar in the blood. For this, you have to be in fast for around 12 hours. Avoid taking or eating high sugar food items or medicines, so that it would not affect your fasting blood glucose test report.

Blood cholesterol test

In this test, you are also required to be in fast for 9 to 12 hours. You can drink water during this time. But avoid taking tea, coffee, and other beverages. Ask your doctor whether you can stop using certain types of medicines. As some medicines could increase your cholesterol level such as birth control pills, your doctor may prohibit its usage as well before the test.