Aadhar Card Photo

India's Government gives top priority to the registration of its residents. To make the whole stage convenient and easy, it launched the Aadhar system by UIDAI. Aadhar is a 12 digit unique identification number that is assigned to every Indian People. It is a fundamental right of each Indian to obtain this card. Due to its uniqueness, it is considered as the main tool to counter corruption in the economic system.
There is various financial inclusion program coffered by Government of India. These are called Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY). A bank account can only be operated only if you are Aadhar cardholder. People may claim that still, you can still open PMJDY. Yes, you can, but you have to provide an enormous amount of documents for verification purposes. Opening bank account with aadhar allows you to even maintain an account with zero balance.

Indian residents can avail subsidy on LPG, for this aadhar holder have to link his or her 17 digit consumer number with Aadhar number. You have to contact your local area LPG distributor. So, if you are not Aadhar cardholder, stop believing to claim various subsidies from the Government.
You can obtain aadhar in two ways. One is via UIDAI online portal. You will be allotted the time and date to visit the Aadhar Centre to complete the necessary requirements to obtain aadhar card details. In the second method, you have to directly visit any Aadhar Enrollment Centre and have to undergo a process for an Aadhar card. Apparently, this is a very easy task and hardly takes 15 minutes. Normally, aadhar card applicant gets their card within a 02 month maximum time period.

Aadhar Card Photo

On aadhar card, your photo is included which is taken at the time of application. If due to some reasons such as accident, your face appearance might get change. So, it is necessary to have your photo updated in the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) database. Any subsequent change in the profile is charged a very nominal amount, so do not worry if you are asked to pay some little money.

At the time of application, you have to submit/ provide the following things:

 1. Document Submission - The staff at the aadhar download centre will demand your filled form and identity proof document. You can submit any document that can serve as proof of your identity such as voter ID card, Driving License, Passport. You have to provide your mobile number to get status updates on the mobile number in the form of SMS messages. You can give a mobile number of any person in your home. There is no issue if you give your brother, mother, wife mobile phone number.

2. Aadhar Card Photo – Once your mobile number is entered in the database, the operator will ask you to give a snap by looking at the camera for a photograph.

3. Eye's Capture - In this step, staff will scan your eye using a scanner device available on his or her table. In this IRIS scan is very important to make sure the data is authentic and reliable.