Blogger Collaboration

No one can live isolated from the rest of the world. Whether it is our society or at the national level. You have to trade with other countries as well in order to run the operation of the country. Blogging field is not the exception and as a blogger, you cannot run alone on your blog. You gave to collaborate with other bloggers to start your journey.
Though, most of the bloggers think that this is not a valuable tool because by collaborating with other bloggers, they are losing their blog's power. This is totally wrong and based on wrong assumptions. In fact, blogger collaboration is a free tool to do the marketing of your blog in the long run.

There are various means to do a collaboration with other bloggers. We will discuss some of them as follows:

Guest Posting - This is the most common and old method of blogger collaboration. Here bloggers allow each other’s to post on his or her blog. As a result, each blogger gets a link back to his or her blog. This increases the page authority and domain authority of a blog or website. Care should be taken when you are doing guest posting as you might be working with a competitor. Your competitor might gain more benefits than you and in the long run, he or she might eat up all your traffic due to his or her better quality content.

Guest Appearance - If you are an authority in the subject matter of your blog, other bloggers will definitely give you a chance to share your content as a guest appearance. In doing so, you will get a link back to your blog. This will increase your SEO score due to increase links back from external websites that have a good link profile. Nowadays, this is the most effective means to improve your overall SEO score and rank well for a targeted keyword.

Interviews - This is another important tool for blogger collaboration. Using this method, bloggers share each other interview either in video, audio or text format on their blog. As multimedia is a new generation means of communication, visitors like to listen and watch the interviews. Make sure you have something unique and compelling content so that visitors could browse your blog for more information and knowledge. Interviews just for the sake of filling content will not help you out as no one will visit your blog if your interview on another blog is useless and have no valuable information.

Seminar & Webinar - You can collaborate with other blogspot template coders to organize a seminar or a webinar on the topic of joint interest. This will benefit all the collaborating bloggers. Organizing a seminar or webinar alone is not an easy task and the technical skills and knowledge of all the contributor can make this process easy, comfortable and successful.

Coaching - Bloggers can collaborate with each other by offering a combine coaching program whereby separate parts of the whole package is delivered by different bloggers in sharda web solutions. For example, in a web design course, HTML is defined and explained by one blogger while CSS is explained by the 2nd blogger.