Aadhar Card Details

Correction in educational and Government’s document is quite common. It is inherent in nature that changes do occur. Even though there is no mistake on your part, change may be needed due to circumstances of the situation. That is why it is the Government’s duty to make the correction process simple and easy.
In India, aadhar card is the official national identity card and is issued by the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) through its own established aadhar enrollment Centre across India. It is considered as the complete document for identification, verification, and KYC (Know Your Customer) document. So, no one can deny its importance and cannot live without it.

Aadhar card is a small size paper that contains the following information:

Your Name: The aadhar card issued by the UIDAI contains your full name. These documents should match with all your educational and supportive documents. Otherwise, you may face severe problems in your life where your verification will be needed. Normally, during the admission process in colleges or Universities, this creates lots of problems for the candidates. Also, in marriages, if your name on aadhar card is wrong, then you will face multiple problems at the time of marriage.

Father Name: As always a very important thing. That is why it is printed on your aadhar card. Make sure you have correct spelling and words in your aadhar records to avoid any issues.

Gender: Your gender is the most important thing. But unfortunately, this is the most common mistake that happens during the registration process.

Date of birth is an important document. Make sure you check it during the data entry process because it could affect your educational issues very badly. It should match with a birth certificate.

This is the most important detail on your aadhar card. Actually, it is the thing for which you applied to UIDAI. It is a unique number that contains 12 digits. It is conclusive proof of your identity throughout India.

Upon submission of all required documents at the eaadhar download enrollment Centre, expect your aadhar card to be received within 15 days. But this all depends on the correct address given by you at the time of application for aadhar.

Once your aadhar card gets ready, you will soon receive a confirmation message on your given registered mobile number. Due to enhancement in technology, the total time from application to the generation of aadhar card has reduced tremendously.

It is your ultimate responsibility to secure your card from unauthorized use. You should not hand over your aadhar card to some other person either in the original form or in photocopy. There is some news that various fraudulent activities are carried out from criminal parties using third person aadhar card.

Basically, aadhar is a white background color card with the India flag on the top right side. To take advantage of technology, QR code has already been introduced in this card. This enhances the verification and authenticity process of the aadhar card.